tiistai 7. lokakuuta 2008

Season Final in Berlin

Last wic race took place in Berlin, Germany as it has been so many years before. This year the weather was perfect, which allowed very fast winning time, 1,00,33. Joey Mantia, USA, did once again amazing final sprint and won the final by one wheel before cup overall winner, Frenchman, Yann Guyader. Joe brake the old course record (Tristan Loy, 1999) by 35 seconds.
From fox family only our Estonian youngsters Danila and Eerik had opportunity to participate the Berlin Real Marathon vol. 35. Neither Danila orDanila's placement was 108 and Eerik's 124. Either of Estonian boys were not in their best but still close to top 100 placements. Danila is having his military training under way and Eerik participated the race right in the middle of his long track training camp. So under those circumstances both boys did quite well.