tiistai 18. maaliskuuta 2008

Les Trois Pistes 2008... Oui!

Eerik and Teemu will participate this years three track competition in France. Racing dates will be from 22nd to 24th March and guys will have some training sessions earlier in the week. Team manager Esa and coach Tiit will be chearing boys during week at present.

Monday, 24th March
Racing on pista track turned out to be quite difficult for foxes after a long break. Eerik's position in cadet kategory was 51 and Teemu's in senior men elite 49. However, it was very important to have these hard starts before the first wic stage to learn skating in limited space.
Thursday, 20th March

Third training in Valence d'Agen

Wednesday, 19th March
Second training session in Valence d'Agen

Tuesday, 18th March

First training in Valence d´Agen

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