torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2008

WIC Zug, 19th April

19th April, Racereport
First race is done and foxes did not manage to score in the season opening. Jani was quite close to get points but was blocked in the final sprint and finished with main group in position 58. Teemu finished after the first pack but did his best marathon ever though. 40km race was won by American wonder man, Joey Mantia (Luigino Answer Wheels), with approximately time 56 min. THAT'S FAST!

17th April, Feelings before race
Jani and Teemu will be hunting wic points in season opening race in Zug, Switzerland. Both guys are full of excitement and really looking forward to challenge other teams. Danila, Eerik and Guillermo will start their wic season in Sursee 3rd May.

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