maanantai 21. huhtikuuta 2008

Gold for Teemu

Skating club Lahden Luistelijat hosted indoor nationals in Lahti fair center on Sunday 20th April. Finnish championship was competed in two individual race, 200m time trial and 3000m. Besides Teemu and Jani also Danila participated in races but outside of the national shampionship.
Teemu won his first national gold in 3000m race after tight battle with Jarmo Valtonen. "Teme" crashed on early laps but could pounce up right away and catch the main group again with the help of his club mates. Three laps to go Valtonen made the first move and tried some break away but Teemu could follow him and finally pass “Jamppa” on back straight during the final lap. Next one over the finish line was Danila but bronze medal was given to new talent from Pori, Taneli Kerola. Jani finished fourth.
In 200m time trial Jarmo took the gold medal and beat Teemu with tolerance of 0,3 seconds. Third position ended up to tie between Max Forstedt and Samuli Laulumaa, altouhg Danila’s time was the third best. Jani’s placement in time trial was 6th.
Team manager, Esa Lottanen, took even two gold medals in masters 40 category.


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