perjantai 2. toukokuuta 2008

WIC Sursee, 3rd May

3rd May, Racereport
Guillermo got excellent season opening in Sursee, his position was 17th! Other foxes didn't get any points but did quite ok performance though. Jani finished with main group in position 72, Danila crashed 3 km before finish line an his position was 91. Teemu dropped from main group a bit after midrace and fished in position 97.

2nd May, Feelings before race
Very interesting weekend is ahead... hole team will be together first time... the first world inline cup start for Eerik will come true... after super fast season opening no doubt there is going to be some speedy race in Sursee too.
It was proven in Zug that average speed will be even faster than before. Winning time was 4 minutes faster than year ago, although the beautiful stage around of lake Zuger was not the top class race of wic in season 2007. After Zug foxes have been seriously preparing for the speed. Skating behind a car and downhill sprints have been done and therefore guys are feeling now much more comfortable when skating high velocity.

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